Do you know what is YouTube to WAV Converter ?

A Waveform Audio File (WAVE or WAV) is a raw audio file format created by Microsoft and International Business Machines (IBM). WAV files are often used when you want to record an audio in high quality but taking less storage data. Wave file may or not have a compressed audio but can be easily manipulated or edited as
per the user’s needs with the help of an applicable software.

Why convert a video into WAV file?

The need for a WAV file arises when the video to be converted contains more Audible information than visual one. The biggest advantage of doing this is that you can take the maximum use out of a video’s audio by reducing its size to a great Extent.

YtMp3 Conv is one of the best and fastest tools to download videos
from YouTube to your device according to your needs. After that you can convert those videos to any other format through this.

How to Convert a YouTube Video to WAV file?

  • Open YtMp3Conv and paste the URL of the video which you want to download and convert.
  • Then convert that file to ‘WAV’ format.
  • Now, your file is saved in your device!